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Beckwith Maples, nestled in the Endless Mountains of PA in the North Central part of the state, has been in operation since 1978.
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At Beckwith Maples we have two different wood lots with 2400 taps that are all run through pipeline to stainless steel tanks.

Authentic Maple Syrup

Authentic maple syrup is what we at Beckwith Maples always give our customers. It is as authentic today as it was back in the early years when many have fond memories of a quieter, more relaxed time. When sap was collected from buckets by horse and bobsled in barrels and taken to the saphouse where it was boiled down . Native Americans were the first to discover the fact that sap from certain trees could be processed. Although there are no authenticated accounts of how this process was discovered there are legends. Undoubtedly these have changed over time, but it is likely this discovery was accidental.

A good sign of spring was the arrival of the annual 'sugaring' season. Here at Beckwith Maples it is still a sign of spring as we prepare for our 'sugaring season'. It is through hard work in the sugarbush and the sugarhouse that we are able to produce the same authenic product that has been produced down through the years . Although the technology has improved through the years the essentials of the production process have remained unchanged. making for a delectable product. At Beckwith Maples you always get a product that you will enjoy and that we are proud of!

The process begins early in the spring, usually in Feb. when the days begin to warm above freezing and the nights are below freezing. It is at this time that the sap in the tree goes up the tree to begin to feed the leaves. It is the warm days and cold nights that create the right conditions for this to happen.

The end result is a pure product that is a result of many labor-intensive and time consuming hours. Although laborious to produce, the finished product is well worth the effort. This delectable sweetener makes for memorable breakfast when served over steaming pancakes or waffles, or for a scrumptious dessert when poured over ice cream.

So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying our sweet Maple Syrup on your ice cream, over your pancakes, and in your recipes - order Beckwith Maple Syrup TODAY!

PS. Don't forget to use Beckwith Maple Syrup as your "special ingredient" in your favorite recipes. Check out our recipes page and let us know if you want to add yours.


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