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Beckwith Maples, nestled in the Endless Mountains of PA in the North Central part of the state, has been in operation since 1978.
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At Beckwith Maples we have two different wood lots with 2400 taps that are all run through pipeline to stainless steel tanks.

Maple Cream

Maple cream is a delicious spread used as a topping for toast, muffins or other similar products.

Maple cream is made from pure syrup boiled down 22 to 24 degrees F above the boiling point of water. As soon as the syrup reaches the desired temperature it is removed from the heat and cooled quickly to around 50 degrees F to prevent premature crystallization. It is considered suffieiently cooled when the surface is firm to touch. It is then stirred by hand or machine until it is of the right consistency and shows a tendency to "setup". This is a spread with the consistency of peanut butter but is definitely 'pure maple' flavor. Beckwith Maples has it in 1/2 lb. and 1 lb. jars.

Authenic or pure maple syrup is what we at Beckwith Maples always give our customers. It is as authenic today as it was back in the early years when many have fond memories of a quieter, more relaxed time. When sap was collected from buckets by horse and bobsled in barrels and taken to the saphouse where it was boiled down . Native Americans were the first to discover the fact that sap from maple trees could be processed into syrup. Although there are no authenticated accounts of how this process was discovered there are legends. Undoubtedly these have changed over time, but it is likely this discovery was accidental.

Pennsylvania Maple Syrup is supurb! There is nothing quite like it on your pancakes or waffles at breakfast or on that favorite dish of ice cream. Beckwith Maples, located here in Endless Mountains of Pennsylania , in the northern central part of the state just south of the New York State border is where we produce some of the finest pure syrup that one can taste. Pennsylvania Syrup is 'a taste of nature'! Why not get yourself or send someone a gift of Pure Pennsylvania Syrup from Beckwith Maples.

Northern Pennsylvania is a great place to visit in the spring during the syrup season. Visiting a 'sugar cabin' while making syrup can be an educational experience as well as enjoyable for the sense of smell. Come and visit us.

Don't worry if you can't visit us,
we can ship our delicious Beckwith Maple Cream to your door!

PS. Check out our recipes too, and let us know if you come up with any new ones.


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